Taiwan – A clamoring, present day city ground, staggering perspectives and flavorful neighborhood luxuries (like: Oyster omelet and air pocket tea). On the off chance that you just have seven days, investigate this helpful multi week Contek agenda for your stay in Taiwan that is exceptional!

1. Best of Taiwan

Best of Taiwan
Best of Taiwan

This exceptional course takes you through probably the most well known urban areas and sights in Taiwan, giving you a diagram of Taiwan. All things considered, this schedule is most appropriate just because in the midst of a get-away to Taiwan and need to get a look at (nearly) all that Taiwan brings to the table.

Day 1 to-2: Taipei

Land in Taipei through Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and go through the initial two days of your adventure to investigate this dynamic and present day city. Well known attractions incorporate Taipei 101, National Palace Museum, Tamsui Old Street and Shilin Night Market.

Day 3: Taichung

In the event that you just have one day to spend in Taichung, ensure you don’t miss the 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan and Rainbow Village that are important on Instagram. Night advertise lovers will cherish visiting the Feng Chia Night Market, which is known as outstanding amongst other night showcases in Taiwan.

Day 4: Tainan

Head to Tainan, which is additionally the most seasoned city in Taiwan. A portion of the things you should see incorporate Confucius Temple, Chimei Museum, and the recorded Anping District. Make certain to head out to Hua Yuan (Flower) Night Market, the most famous night showcase in Tainan, as well!

Day 5: Kenting National Park

Viewed as one of Taiwan’s most well known attractions, Kenting National Park pulls in guests with its sandy sea shores, coral reefs and rich biodiversity. For those of you who love to surf can likewise decide to feel the waves here!

Day 6: Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake is the correct decision for the main guests as they will observer the shocking excellence of Taiwan’s lakes and mountains. With this schedule, there are numerous attractions to visit in the territory around Taiwan, including Sun Moon Lake Ropeway, Ita Thao Village, and Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.

Day 7: Taipei

On the most recent day, come back to Taipei and shop in Ximending and Wu Fen Pu before coming all the way back!

2. and Surrounding Taipei City

and Surrounding Taipei City
and Surrounding Taipei City

Taipei and its surroundings are loaded up with attractions, from transcending high rises to antiquated roads. The agenda is for the individuals who need to invest somewhat more energy investigating the wonderful Taiwan capital with this schedule.

Day 1 to third: Taipei City

During the initial three days, invest your energy to investigate the lively city of Taipei. The absolute best attractions not to be missed are Taipei 101, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, and National Palace Museum.

For the bold, you can ascend Elephant Mountain, which is additionally an amazing spot to see the nightfall and the night see. Nourishment sweethearts should visit famous night markets like Shilin Night Market and Raohe Street Night Market to test the absolute best road nourishment in Taiwan.

Day 4: Jiufen

On the fourth day, travel to the enchanting city of Jiufen around one and a half hours from Taipei city. Appreciate the provincial appeal of the stone avenues and twisting rear entryways from the curious shops. You can likewise decide to remain at one of Jiufen’s comfortable guesthouses or come back to Taipei city for medium-term.

Day 5: Keelung

Visit Keelung, a pretty harbor town about an hour from Taipei city. For the individuals who remain medium-term in Jiufen, an excursion to Keelung will take not exactly 60 minutes. During the day, you can investigate Keelung’s city territory, go for a lackadaisical walk around Keelung’s harbor or climb the mountain trails in Zhongzheng Park. In the nighttimes, spoil yourself at the Miaokou Night Market. To see the night owl, it would be ideal if you stop by the Kanziding Fish Market which is open just around 12 PM!

Day 6: Yangmingshan National Park

Leave for the wonderful Yangmingshan National Park toward the beginning of the day. Anticipate many intriguing climbing trails, fascinating vegetation, and foaming underground aquifers. There are additionally numerous flawless cafés around the region, so you can go through throughout the day here without hunger!

Day 7: Taipei City

On the most recent day, come back to Taipei city and shop in Ximending, Wu Fen Pu, and East Metro Mall before coming all the way back.

3. Taiwan North

Taiwan North
Taiwan North

For the individuals who need to get familiar with the north side of Taiwan, at that point this agenda is reasonable for you.

Day 1 to-2: Taipei


On the primary day, fly to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and go through two days investigating the dynamic city. Make certain to look at probably the most well known attractions like Taipei 101, National Palace Museum, and Elephant Mountain, and attempt the heavenly Taiwanese road nourishment at Shilin Night Market!

Day 3 to fourth: Yilan

Next, head to the province of Yilan, which comprises of its own Yilan city and beguiling towns, for example, Jiaoxi Township. There are numerous things you can do in the territory, including posturing for charming photos at Jimmy Park, investigating Wufengchi Waterfall and devouring the core of Luodong Night Market.

Don’t hesitate to make a day outing to Jiaoxi Township because of its acclaimed underground aquifers. If not, you can likewise remain medium-term in one of the lodgings that gives an underground aquifer shower in the room!

Day 5 to-6: Hsinchu

At that point, burn through two additional days in the Hsinchu territory. Try not to pass up famous sights like The Eastern Gate, Eighteen Peaks Garden, the Municipal Glass Museum and Hsinchu Zoo, which is likewise the most established zoo in Taiwan. The Cheng Huang (City God) Temple and the neighboring Cheng Huang (City God) Temple Night Market are additionally worth a visit!

Day 7: Taipei

On the most recent day, come back to Taipei city and shop in Ximending, Wu Fen Pu, and East Metro Mall before coming all the way back.